BIAPRO® is your source for cost-effective, best-in-class, customizable Business Intelligence solutions, including:
BI365®: Business Intelligence.  Everyday.
  • Design, Build, Implementation, Training and Support of BI, Budgeting and Forecasting solutions fully integrated with your Transactional (ERP/CRM) data systems
  • Advanced Forecasting and Predictive Analytics with Data Mining & Machine Learning
  • Data Quality Services & Master Data Services
  • Fast Close and Data and Process Optimization Projects for your CRM/ERP systems
  • Business Intelligence Road Maps: Getting key information to key resources
  • Best Practices in the Preparation and Review of Your Company's Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Processes
  • Business Impact Analysis & Zero Based Budgeting: keys to focus resources that strengthen your core business and critical processes while enabling new projects & growth
  • Full 360 degree Business Intelligence Analytics Diagnostic (BIA)
  • PIVOT365™, ​OLAP, MOLAP Data Cubes, Reporting Services, SharePoint BI sites
  • Software Resale and Professional Services for Software from Solver Inc.

Please call us for additional information regarding our extraction and integration services that can build a solid, robust and self-sustaining Business Intelligence Platform that allows automatic updates, data cleansing, alerts, reports, OLAP Pivot Tables, KPI's, and many more features - all with integrated security and advanced information delivery methods to any device, anytime.


All of our solutions are mainly delivered using the latest Microsoft Technologies